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Designed and built between 1851-53 by F L Bateman, consultant engineer to the Chester Waterworks Company the Water Tower in Boughton, Chester is a well known landmark on Chester’s skyline. Built in a robust Italianate style, the tower has been raised in height twice in its lifetime and is a combination of brick with red sandstone ashlar and detailing.

Recclesia was called in to complete a detailed high-level survey of the tower after sections of the sandstone began to drop off, creating a significant safety risk to the waterworks engineers working below. At the same time as surveying, Recclesia’s experienced masonry team were on hand on site to make safe any masonry found to be in immediate danger of falling.

It is this combination of practical skills and survey skills which mean Recclesia are called upon time and time again to complete survey work to historic buildings up and down the UK. The survey work resulted in a detailed schedule of works complete with budget costs and access proposals specifically designed for the building.

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