Safety & Health

Recclesia is firmly committed to managing all of its projects in the safest way possible. We have an extremely competent workforce and have engendered an uncompromising safety culture throughout the company.

Recclesia operates a comprehensive safety management system and partners with a specialist safety practice and a health surveillance firm to deliver a safe and healthy working environment that is monitored by independent consultants.

Acting as Principal Contractor, we understand, manage and discharge our duties under the CDM regulations as a matter of course. We monitor the health and wellbeing of all staff and have a strict health surveillance policy in place.


Recclesia takes its environmental impact very seriously. As conservators of the built environment, we understand the imbued values of the fabric around us and our attitude to keeping, mending and reusing is applied more widely throughout the company.

Where we have responsibility for design, we endeavour to base our output on a sustainable cradle to cradle approach, having a thorough understanding of how the layers of a building or built environment interact and how the design of conservation work or alterations can work with existing building fabric.

Quality Management

The quality of our work, from the way we manage contracts to how we monitor workmanship standards and best practice, is the foundation of our reputation. We work on some of the UK's finest historic buildings and our standards have to be beyond reproach across the board. We have a thorough working knowledge of creating and using inspection and test plans on a wide variety of projects, as well as having experience using various project quality and progress management tools such as Sablono.