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Recclesia is a multi-disciplined historic building conservation specialist and consultancy with recognised in-house skills and expertise in masonry conservation, stained glass conservation, and metalwork conservation.

Our highly skilled, experienced, and qualified team specialises in the conservation and repair of historic and listed buildings, churches, ancient sites and ruins. Acting as Principal Contractor or as a specialist sub-contractor, Recclesia works across the UK and internationally on specialist projects with leading conservation architects, conservation organisations, leading contractors, museums, and historic building owners.

Our particular collection of in house skills make us a unique company in the UK. Our collaborative and holistic approach to conservation leads to creativity and innovation between key conservation disciplines.

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Jamie Moore | Managing Director

  • MSc Historic Building Conservation
  • BA (Hons) History
  • NVQ Level 6 Conservation Site Management

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It’s not always glamorous for the team, but any historic building in need is worthy of care no matter the hour - some of our team are hard at it tonight repairing some failing brickwork in #Chester . . . #chesterlife #nightworks #conservationspecialists #conservation #brickstagram #improvingourbuiltenvironment #heritage #restoration
Sunny day on the rows #Chester where we’ve been working for the past few months to improve the unique heritage as part of @historicengland @cheshirewestandchestercouncil’s Heritage Action Zone project. The principal aims have been to improve the areas, whilst carrying out essential repairs the the likes of the balustrades. . . . . . . #conservation #conservationinaction #heritageactionzone #heritage #builtheritage #architecture #specialists #craftsmanship
A slightly different view of the windows this time from @leebilson, our in-house Heritage Consultant, who assisted the Cathedral Architect with their CMP for @bhamcathedral by carrying out an element specific study of the Edward Burne-Jones windows. Helping to define their exceptional significance within the Cathedral, the City of Birmingham, and Internationally. Lee chose these portions of an original cartoon for The Ascension window in the collection of the @ngvmelbourne, alongside sketch studies by Burne-Jones during his development of the design from a sketch book in the care of the @artsmia. He chose this as he felt it highlighted the international importance and reach of these windows. The drawings evidence Burne-Jones’s passion in the creation of these windows for his native Birmingham and the artistic processes that he went through. It was these figurative studies and exploration that led to the shards of colour and near modernity of expression in the final stained glass windows - they are a view into Burne-Jones’ artistic genius and the result of working with his great friend William Morris. #conservation #stainedglass #edwardburnejones #victorian #victorianstainedglass #birmingham #stainedglassexperts #specialists #builtheritage #art #colour #light #victorianart
@carlottacammelli chose this fabulous detail from The Nativity window - though as with everyone involved she could have chosen so many others - noting her love of the floral pattern and the delicate details on the Virgin Mary’s face. These details are almost indiscernible from below, but up close during the survey works you could really appreciate the skill of the artists in Morris’ studio producing Edward Burne-Jones’ vision. Carlotta joined us as a graduate conservator just as we started our work to assess the windows. Bringing her fresh knowledge having just finished her Masters in Glass Conservation & Heritage Management at York, she catalogued every element of damage or issues to every window. Applying her academic experience and that which she’d gained working on the windows of York Minster, this work led to her compiling gazetteer of issues for inclusion in the report and formed the basis for mapping all the elements found on to the 3D scans. We’re so pleased to have her on the team. #conservation #stainedglass #edwardburnejones #victorian #victorianstainedglass #birmingham #stainedglassexperts #specialists #builtheritage #art #colour #light #victorianart
Next we have a shot from Stephen, who leads our glass studios and reviewed each of the amazing Burne-Jones windows @bhamcathedral top to bottom using some fantastic 3D scans by Russell Geomatics to help assess the condition of the windows. He chose this picture from the top of The Last Judgement for a similar reason to Jamie’s choice; he felt it provided an ideal detail of the use of colour and light to enhance the subject of the window, alongside the delicate and simplicity of the painted details conveying the moods of each in the scene. Swipe and you’ll see him in action reviewing the same window, unable to hide his excitable grin, he was pinching himself that he was up close with some marvellous pieces of art. #conservation #stainedglass #edwardburnejones #victorian #victorianstainedglass #birmingham #stainedglassexperts #specialists #builtheritage #art #colour #light #victorianart
In recognition of the news that @tnluk are supporting @bhamcathedral to conserve the Edward Burne-Jones windows, we’ve decided to share some of our favourite details and parts of the windows from our time surveying them. First up some of @jamie_moore’s favourite aspects. Jamie expertly led the review of the conservation needs for the windows, working closely with the Cathedral Architect, providing his 20+ years experience in the conservation of stained glass and ecclesiastical buildings, along with his experience working on many Morris & Co windows. The first image shows an area of the top section of The Ascension window. Whilst only a snapshot, he felt it perfectly shows the masterful manipulation of light Burne-Jones and Morris employed, alongside their use of colour, culminating in such epic depth in the work. Slide and you’ll see his second choice. Chosen as he felt it demonstrates a how legibility is affected by a mere slip of a modern decorators brush. As a result of this seemingly minor mishap, the characters expression is changed, looking surprised as a result. It’s one of those conservation challenges that many wouldn’t think of but is evident across all of these windows - one slip with a brush and a whole manner of issues for a stained glass window can be caused. #conservation #stainedglass #edwardburnejones #victorian #victorianstainedglass #birmingham #stainedglassexperts #specialists #builtheritage #art #colour #light #victorianart