Beaumaris Castle Visitor Centre

Built between 1295 and 1330, Beaumaris Castle is one of the finest examples of C14 military architecture in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Recclesia was commissioned by Cadw to undertake sensitive redevelopment and enlargement of the visitor facilities at the castle alongside conservation architects at Donald Insall Associates. The existing visitor centre was built into the outer walls of the castle site in the 1990s and required extensive reordering work to bring it in line with today's demands and an improved visitor experience.

Recclesia was commissioned to sympathetically extend the building alongside conservation repairs and structural strengthening, reorder the layout to improve visitor flow and accessibility by adding in new automatic doors and ticketing areas, add a new underfloor heating system and improved staff welfare facilities, and design and commission new shopfitting furniture including ticket counters and retail merchandising units as part of the final fit out.

The project was completed in 2020 and has significantly improved the visitor experience at this very popular world-famous North Wales heritage site. If you have never been to Beaumaris Castle, we encourage you to go - more details can be found on the Cadw website.