Bailey Hill, Mold

Bailey Hill, Mold, North Wales

Little remains of Mold's motte and bailey castle except the mound it once stood upon, but the site itself is rich in history, archaeology and a terrific sense of place. Recclesia has been commissioned to assist in the reinterpretation of the site by Mold Town Council, defining the masonry remains of the site and reimagining the layout with new masonry to enhance the landscape and its accessibility.

The project, which has been over ten years in the making, involves extensive landscaping and archaeological work that will endeavour to make the history of the site more legible at the same time as turning the land into a publicly accessible site fit for its town centre location.

The project is due for completion in 2021 and is funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund as well as several other grant funding bodies. 

Mold Castle, on Bailey Hill in the town of Mold, Flintshire, Northeast Wales, is a motte-and-bailey castle erected around 1072, probably by the Norman Robert de Montalt under instructions from Hugh d'Avranches, Earl of Chester. Whilst the castle is no longer extant, the site is at the heart of the town centre and archaeological excavation work form part of the project remit, so it is hoped more will be understood of the site as the project progresses.