NVQ3 Heritage Masonry: Two Team Members Begin their Training

Members of our specialist masonry team Sheridan Wilson and Craig Ellis have initiated their advanced training at the Tywi Centre in Llandeilo on the pathway to attaining NVQ3 Qualifications in Heritage Masonry. Immersed in the rich history of Welsh architecture, they begin the initial four-week program with a deep dive into the evolution and complexities of old buildings and the influence of geography on materials and architectural styles.

Alongside an informative visit to St Fagans National Museum of History, the course has kickstarted with engaging practical training, allowing our masons to hone their skills in traditional techniques under the guidance of industry experts.

A core focus of the NVQ program under lines the significance of conservation law, serving as a guide to preserving historic practices and protecting our most cherished architectural landmarks. As an integral aspect of our work at Recclesia, it is important to us that our specialist team are equipped with the knowledge to protect and prolong the life of our historic buildings.

We are thrilled to support Sheridan and Craig with this enriching opportunity as they progress their skills and knowledge of heritage masonry, gaining insights that transcend mere craftsmanship.

Recclesia MD Jamie Moore said “I am thrilled to see Craig and Sheridan embracing further conservation training at the Tywi Centre, and very happy to be championing the growth of vital heritage skills here in Wales.”