Newcastle City Baths

As part of the scheme to reopen the quite spectacular Newcastle City Baths, Recclesia were called upon by Napper Architects to undertake a detailed survey of all of the steel casements and roof lanterns to both the City Baths and the adjoining City Hall. The Baths were closed in 2013 but City Hall remained open.

Over a three-day period on site, three surveyors worked across the entire building, testing every window, noting defects and outlining proposed remedial works to each. Where serious or dangerous defects were found, Recclesia was able to make them safe there an then - an obvious advantage to using Recclesia is that it has a broad range of specialist in-house skills to fall back on during survey work like this.

Attention then moved to the high level glazing. There are dozens of large roof lanterns atop the City Baths. Due to the nature of the buiding with its two huge pool halls side by side, getting light into the inner parts of the building was not possible using windows, so numerous steel patent glazing system roof lanterns were inserted to flood the rooms below with light, and provide ventillation to changing areas and office space around the pools.

Plans have been taken forward to reopen the Baths in 2018/19.